Our Services

Find your harmony again.

Private Multi-Instrumental Session, in studio or Zoom$75
Private Crystal-Bowl Session, in studio or Zoom$90
Sound Bath, in studio or Zoom (cost may be shared by up to 5 people)$105
Tune Up (Short session focused on Chakra work) $45
Sound Wash (Very short “taster” session with a single instrument)$10 at selected events
Deep Work, in studio or Zoom
For clients working through unresolved trauma, grief, or soul sickness
$90 minimum
Private adult instruction in studio or Zoom$50 for 30 minutes – please tune before your lesson!
Classes, workshops and concertsTBA
All persons entering the studio must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
White Wolf Sound Sanctuary is not a child-safe environment.
We accept Paypal (including credit card payments), cash, or check. Tax is included in all prices.